Most Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to help?
The Club is a volunteer-run organization that serves around 500 players between the ages of 4 and 18. Volunteers are needed at every level. The Board is also looking for people who can help on a club level. For team volunteers, ask your child's coach if he or she needs a manager, snack coordinator, or other assistance. Click here to learn about volunteering for LCSC.

Do I really need to submit a birth certificate?
Yes, the club is required to keep all birth certificates on file to provide proof of age to the Seattle Youth Soccer Association or the Washington State Soccer Association. You only need to provide one copy, one time. If you don't
have a copy of a birth certificate, a passport or other official document will be accepted.

How old does my child have to be to start playing Lake City Soccer?
Your child must have turned 4 before August 1st and would play in the micro program (U5, U6, and U7).

What does the "U" mean before the age designations (U5, U6, U7, etc)?
The "U" stands for under the age given. Another words, U5 means age 4 as of August 1st, U6 means age 5 as of August 1st, etc.

Can my child be assigned to a team with his or her friends?
Maybe. First, the friends have to be the same age; remember that teams are formed by the player's age on July 31st not grade level. Second, there has to be room on the team. We limit team sizes in order to give all players a chance to play. Returning players have priority on the team (as long as they register during the on-time registration period). Lastly, recreational soccer is designed for all kids to play. Registrars randomly assign players to teams with the concept that most teams will be about equal in the end. If your child would like to be assigned to a particular team or to play with a friend, please indicate that during the registration process, and we will try to do so. Please also note the coaches do not choose the players for their team. All assignments are done by the Club.

Can my child play up - i.e. play on a team of older players?
This practice is generally not encouraged. However, if parents have compelling reasons why their child would not be served in his/her soccer development at their current age, you can request to have your child "Play Up". There are two primary criteria used, but we rely on parents to know the abilities of their player(s):

  • August birthday - Usually children with an August birthday may move up to play with their grade level.
  • We will allow players to move up based on recommendations of the coaches, space availability on a team and parents' request.

All players will need to be registered to the correct age group based on their birthdate, then in the request field include a note about having them "Play Up". This request will be evaluated by the Registrar based on the criteria above.

In some cases, the registrar might recommend that a child who would like to play up might be best served by joining a select soccer team. Seattle United is the select club within Seattle Youth Soccer Association at In addition, Lake City Soccer Club reserves the right to move players between age groups as necessary to field teams in as many age brackets as possible.

Can my child play down - i.e. play on a team of younger players?
Please email the registrar with this request. Only for medical conditions. The Association league is administered by Seattle Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) which includes 14 neighborhood clubs. A request for a child to play down once eligible for a U10 team must be submitted to SYSA by the club and requires a letter from the parents, a supporting letter from Lake City Soccer Club and a letter from a doctor. The decision will be made by the SYSA Board of Commissioners. For players in the younger levels, the LCSC Board will make this decision based on a letter from the parents accompianied by a doctor's note.

What equipment does my soccer player need?
Players need shin guards to participate and soccer shorts, soccer cleats (not baseball shoes), a ball and a water bottle (marked with player's name) are recommended. Soccer socks should be worn so as to completely cover the shin guards. Coaches will bring balls to practice, but a soccer ball at home can help the player with her/his home practice. There are different sizes for different ages: size 3 for children playing in teams aged U5-U8, size 4 for teams aged U9-U12, and size 5 for teams aged U13 and older.

What about jerseys?
Starting in 2018, U11 players (eligible for City Tournament at this age) and older will order 'kits' which is a full uniform of socks, shorts and a jersey. The first kits will be purchased by the Club, but any new outfits thereafter will need to be purchased by the player. As always, we will provide uniforms for those that can not afford them. All younger players will have jerseys provided to them. Coaches will receive jerseys on Equipment pick-up day and will distribute them to their team. Too small or extra jerseys? Email:

When will my child's team practice?
Lake City Soccer Club has practice fields available for the teams from Monday to Friday in the late afternoon to early evening. Practices schedules and locations are determined by the volunteer coach and field availability. The practice schedule is developed at the beginning of August, typically one month at a time, depending on the field allottment we received from SYSA. Your coach will contact you with the particulars. We ask the coaches and parents to try to find a way to work out scheduling conflicts.

Where does the money from the registration fee go?
Lake City Soccer Club is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID #91-2016436)
. All of the money goes to running our programs. The club pays players fees to Seattle Youth Soccer Association (a large part of which goes to field use with fees increasing each year) and to Washington State Youth Soccer Association (most of which goes to liability and supplemental medical insurance). The club also purchases uniforms, goals, balls, pumps, coaching bags, pinnies, cones, supplies to line the playing fields, and end of year awards (for Micro teams only). We also rent space to store the equipment and jerseys. In addition, the club is committeed to providing financial scholarships to those in need so that we can accomplish the club's mission of finding space for every child who wants to play soccer. The Club instituted a Jersey Recycling program in 2013 to help reduce costs. All uniforms will be collected at the last game of the year and recirculated each Fall.

What about Jewelry during games?
My child just got his/her ears/nose/eyebrow/tongue pierced. Will that impact his/her ability to play soccer? Yes FIFA Laws of the Game number 4 prohibits players from wearing jewelry or watches. That includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, certain hairpieces, and anything else the referee deems is dangerous to the player or another player. This applies to all levels of play, starting with the Micro teams and taping the item is not an acceptable fix - jewelry needs to be removed.

DOGS not Allowed, Sorry…

City rules prohibit dogs at or on the fields at any time when soccer games or practices are held. Please leave the happy puppies at home.